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Monday, December 15, 2014

It has been a long time since the last time that i update my blog. So how are ya'll doing? :D
Life is pretty hectic for me. I have been struggling with assignments and classes for about 3 months now and to be honest,  I have actually broken down a few times in this 3 months time. But I still thank Him for giving me the opportunity to get back up and stand strong until now. Have i told you that God is GREAT? Yes, He is the definitely great as He is the ALMIGHTY and LOVING FATHER.
After all, as humans, there are no way that we could run away from problems. The key to get through the problems that you are facing is to PRAY. I believe that He will listen to your cryings and that He will be the one leading you through it. I would like to share with ya'll a quote which goes like this: "God sometimes takes us out into troubled waters, not to drown us but to cleanse us".

I guess i have to stop here due to time constraint. Will continue blogging again once i'm free. Till then, take care all and God bless! ;)

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Holidays had finally came to an end. Assignments, books, notes, quizzes, exams , etc are waiting for me back in Sarawak. *Sigh* Many people say that study life is way much more easier and better compared to working life. However, i find both of it equally hard. Getting into universities is a step closer to working life. Besides that, getting into universities will also teach us to accept & tolerate with other people's various attitudes and behaviors in order to face cliques/customers during working life. As for me, i'm now in the process of accepting other people/friend's weird behavior that irritates/annoys me most of the time. People just can't stop to annoy me sometimes or are they trying to challenge my patience? Whatever. I know myself best and i don't wish anyone to understand me because you will never know how someone is feeling unless you are in their shoes. "Get back up whenever you fall" is what i usually say to motivate myself to go further. Last but not least, to all readers out there, NEVER EVER give up in anything you do and i'm saying that to myself too. #LOL 

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Saturday, June 22, 2013
Bye Bye to 'single' *waves* XD

i'm no longer single on the 1st of June 2013 !! :D
Presenting to you, me and my beloved Lim Boon Kim  :)

im really blessed to have him loving me. To me, he's my Mr.Perfect :* He has thought me what love is and that true love does really exist 
 ILOVEYOU with all my heart  

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Well, you must be wondering whether this blog is still alive or not. Heh! The answer is: Partially.
Lol! I do update my blog but only when i'm free. As ya'll know, i'm busy with my studies and i barely have time to even online with my laptop. ><
Here's a lil' story of my life for the past few months...........
I've never thought of falling in love with any guy after "J" but looks like i've gotta admit that i have a new crush or can i consider it as LOVE ? Actually, I didn't even notice his existence in my school until one point whereby i went for a school trip to Cameron Highland last year (December). He was all alone most of the times (in Cameron). He walked everywhere all by himself, alone... There goes my feelings towards him. Practically, i like him not because he's good looking or whatsoever. Perhaps, i like his attitude. His attitude attracts my attention every single time. I feel like protecting him. I just don't know why. :O
But too bad, whenever i have feelings for any guy, they wouldn't have any feelings towards me. And recently, a few months back, i got to know about him and his ex. I think they got back together...So yeah, I will NEVER want to disturb or interfere in other people's relationship. I'll just back off and pray for his happiness. Well, i believe in the saying, "what is yours is yours, what is not yours is not yours". Therefore, i don't want to run after things that is not mine. I'll wait patiently for the right one to come. :')
I always ponder, "why do the guy that I'm not keen into will like me where as the guy that i like won't have any feelings towards me?"  =="
I really hate it when guys say 'I LOVE YOU' when they don't even know you well and especially when they don't mean it ! You say 'i love you' to me and you say the same thing to another girl... Like really WTH?!
I'm not jealous or anything, i feel annoyed. That's all. It clearly shows that you're a playboy. Do you know that? You're setting a bad impression on yourself indirectly. Hahah! So yeah, you don't have to pretend liking me or telling me how much you love me and how much you miss me cause i'll never believe your words. Sorry to be harsh but that's the truth !

I guess, that's all for now. I've gotta get back to work. Will update my blog again when I'm free. Take care, readers ! :)

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Thursday, November 17, 2011
My bigday! :D

[17/11/2011] - I'm finally legal now! Bye bye, 17 and hello 18!
At one moment, I feel that there’s no difference between today (17/11/2011) compared to other days but the jokers in my class (LSS5-ians) have changed my perception about it. Thanks a lot for all those surprises, presents and cake that you guys bought for me! To the Boss of all the jokers (Joshua Loo), thank you so much for the lovely card and messages that you’ve wrote for me & sorry for troubling you to get the birthday cake. Thank you and sorry. To be honest, I nearly cried when you brought the cake into our class while everyone sang birthday song for me. I'm seriously touched! I’ve not been so touched like this before. Really thanks a lot!! ^^ To my babi (Balbita Kaur), thank you so much for all of your plans and not to forget, joshua’s plan also to cheat me about the Koko book and all. Tsk! Jahat punya orang! :P Nah, just joking. XP
Babi, thanks a lot for the birthday present. I loveeeeeeeee it so much!! Im sure that it’s very expensive…Thanksssssssss a lot ya! :) To my beloved bee sister (Jo Ey), thank you so much for the huge birthday card and also the present! Thank you for spending your precious time to do the birthday card for me. And yeah, I know that you’ve put in so much of effort to do the card right? I really appreciate it a lot! Thankkkkk youuuuuuu! :)
To my beloved cicak (Reshween Kaur), thank you for the present yeah! Im proud to have a present which has been into a flight before it reaches to the land of Malaysia. Thank you! :)
To Pei Ling, JiaLoon and others, thank you soooooooo much for everything. And yeah...Joshua, Balbita & Joey, I'll make sure that the card is with me until i die. I will NEVER throw it away! Thank you for all the sacrifices that you guys have made today! Thank you, thank you and thank you! ^^ ♥
You guys really made my day! :)
Pssssttttt…..You guys are the best! :D May God bless you guys always! :)
Heat all of you! ♥

-Gift and cards from Balbita, Jo Ey, Joshua and Reshween- :)

-Gift and cards from Balbita, Jo Ey, Joshua and Reshween- :)

-Birthday card specially made by Jo Ey- ^^

-Banana boat-

-Chicken Chop-

-Jasmine tea-

-Btw, there are actually 249 people who wished me on my birthday! WOW! :D Thanks guys! :)

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
I'm a broken toy

Form 6's life isn't easy at all. All we got to do is, go to school, eat, go to tuition, do homework and get ready to go to school on the next day. Feel so pressured during school hours cause it's hard for me to catch up whatever teacher's teaching in the class as i'm a slow catcher. =/
Whenever i place my foot in the school, it reminds me of someone.
Gahhhhhhhh....I hate this man!!!
Why is it so hard for me to live happily just for once?? ><
If you coincidently come across my blog, i would like to tell you that "'i DISLIKE you!!! Get it?!!'..
Sorry to say that but that's what in my mind right now. Why must you act like a pure B*TCH in order to get other people's attention? It's like ................ ==" you know.
I've got no words to describe you already la. Blah blah blah... Do whatever you want! I'm tired of being emo all the time. Yeah, i might be smiling in front of you people but do you guys know how i actually felt and keep all those feelings within myself? Nah, i don't think you would ever know how i felt all this while. It's okay. I'm strong enough to overcome all this cause God's with me all the time. He wouldn't give up on me and so do i. :)

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Sunday, May 8, 2011
Back to school :/

<="- [BACK TO SCHOOL] -"=>

:::9 / 5 /2011:::
/// 9 am \\\
.....St.Michael Institution.....

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